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Insatiable producer and Jungle Dub Master,   Krak in Dub has left his imprint globally. 

With hundreds of shows and over 60 vinyl releases, he is renowned for his dub to jungle blend. 

The Argentinian has established successful labels such as Fogata Sounds and Galletas Calientes. With colabs including Capleton, Anthony B, Aries, Dubmatix, Systema Solar and many more.

KiD plays in his very unique style, incandescent multitrack-live sets with exclusive content! 



Sky High Final Cover .jpg

NEW ALBUM OUT DECEMBER the 3rd 2021 !!!

Krak in Dub & the Mighty Troy Berkley!!!

Troy Berkley and Krak in Dub are back with their second duo album

(since UPGRADES 2017)and it’sloaded with Hip Hop et Bass Music

All bangers, No fillers All killers!


SKY HIGH is packed with a wide ranging,booming and dancing cuts from theArgentinian producer Federico Trujillo akaKrak in Dub, along with the mesmerisingvocal bars from the Bermudian wonder singer/ MC Troy Berkley.Guiding us through their unique universe of fun, restless and borderless style of living, the long time partners have been touring and releasing music together since 1997.And they are not ready to stop!Follow Mr Berkley’s voice as it rhymes in double/triple time, or resonates like a Sunday gospel in his native Devil’s hole church in Bermudas, or raps from down the block in NY, or as it unfolds into another joke about life.With a powerful range of instrumentals going from Ska, Circus style Breakbeator more melodic hip Hop.« Sky High - The Lyrical Heathen » result is a bold, intensely engaging sound, one that’s submerge equally dancing and listening, past and present.



Released Albums:


 2013 / Fogata sounds 

UPGRADES (Troy Berkley)

2016 /Fogata Sounds


2017 / Universal Egg - Fogata

CATLEYA - Bogata sessions

2021 / Galletas Calientes Rec.

SKY HIGH (Troy Berkley)

2021 / Fogata / Evidence Music

Birth City:

Buenos Aires

Discography: Vinyl releases

-Mas I Mas 01/02/03/04/05

-Galletas Calientes 01/02/03/04/05/06

-Znootpoch 02/05/07/09/12/16/22/26

-Kiosk 08

-Boot & Leg 03/07

-Delacroix 01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08

-Random Records 01/02/03/04/05/07

-Fogata Sounds 


-Friendly Fire 02

-Krak in Dub 01/02/03/04

-Compos it 16

-Jungle Alliance 04

-Epeak-KiD 01

-Version - Zion Train (Universal Egg)

-Dreader than Dread - L’Entourloop

-100 Fuegos 01/02/03

-Born On Road 02

-Universal Egg Amazonite 01/LP01

-After All records - Gravity ep

-Dubamix Camarades

Birth Country:




Years active:

1996 > Present > Futur


Dub / Jungle / Hip Hop / Global Electronics


Federico Trujillo

Krak in Dub

DJ Krakook
Supa Hataz

Mas i Mas

Delacroix / Bad KiD



Mas I Mas -Fr

Galletas Calientes -Co

Fogata Sounds -Fr

Delacroix Junglist -93

Ink A Link -Fr

Znootpoch -Fr

100 Fuegos -Cu

Junglist Alliance -UK

Born On Road -UK

After All rec -Fr

Universal Egg -UK

Friendly Fire -UK

Soul Vibez -Fr

L'Entourloop -Fr

Friendly Fire -UK

Random Records +++


Art work and photos credits:

Aurelien Tirtiaux / Stay Reo / Rita Dagaz / Urm le Fou / +++

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